Isolation, Central Coast, NSW

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Snapped this shot when out teaching a private mid week course up on the Central Coast last week. I really like shooting and editing these kind of shots, but I am still undecided if they are a sell able item in a gallery environment.

I think the shot would need to be printed on Fuji Flex or Fuji Pearl / Kodak Metallic, mounted on aluminum lit with a single directional halogen light in a room with low light. Weather it would sell is another thing, guess time will tell. Hopefully not in the too distant future.


5 thoughts on “Isolation, Central Coast, NSW

  1. Nice one, I like the blurring around the edges. This is the sort of image that works best big(!), it would look good on either paper and aluminum mounting, definitely! What about a poster?

    Pay the extra and get the LED globes for the halogen fittings, much nicer, and they’re 3.5 watts, opposed to 50 watts. In a gallery you would save a fortune, I hope you get the gallery up and running, it would be a ‘must do’ next time I’m over along with Central Coast course and shoot.

  2. nice shot, hmm i think you like this boat haha you have a few shots of it now …… hmm i dunno if it would sell either, maybe its a shot that would win a photo comp of something like that

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