Its an expensive gig


Spoon Bay

The other day I was teaching a private course at Spoon Bay on the Central Coast and we had our camera bags on the rocks unzipped. I noticed that two crows were standing on my bag interested with something I had inside. Fearing they would leave me a wet present on the bag I scared them off. Some time later I went to get my remote shutter release and it was gone they had flown off with it.

I still had it in the box as it was only about three weeks old. I think they must have liked the typical canon red packaging. Glad they weren’t interested in GX617. After a good look around it was obvious that my new shutter release was either in the bushes somewhere on the cliff or floating around in the sea. I did manage to find part of the box. Quick way to loose $100 bucks.

Also the price of processing slide film (E6) has gone up here in Sydney. For a roll of 220 it is now $16.50 and for 120 it is now $9.90. Ouch…

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  1. Very nice photo, Matt!
    Before my last trip to SA last Christmas I tried to get Velvla in Sydney and I wasn’t able for a while. All shops were running out of stock. Had a chat with a guy at one professional store and he told me something like: “If you find Velvia – buy it a lot. In advance. As everyone is using digital now we do not have many film customers anymore.” Sure I was able to find Velvia but I was badly impressed with what happens in film photography.

  2. Ah that`s nothing, a couple of years ago I slipped on a rock down Mr Fletchers way and smashed my camera. I have learnt my lesson and carefully tread on slippery rocks. Nice image Matt

  3. Nice photo mate, I take it that it’s a film shot.

    Sorry to hear about the cable release, I remember when they were only $10. The price of developing is only going to get worse as is the supply. When I checked out your gallery at that shopping centre I paid nearly $24 for a roll of Velvia that I could have got in Perth for $17. It took Fletch to go digital for me to go digital though, this is one image I’d hate to try to stitch.

  4. Nice shot.
    Bloody crows…might have been better if they took the camera and you claimed the insurance, could be cheaper in the long run it seems. (Don’t want to give you any ideas there!)

  5. Christian, that’s true. Film sucks now. But there still one thing where digital sucks – night shots with very long exposure (1 hr and more). It’s really difficult to get a decent shot on digital in this case. I’m not saying that it’s impossible. No way! (I’m doing it by myself anyway) But with film it’s much easier. But other than that film sucks. Even for panoramas. Before my last trip I bought some film and…. brought it back. Still in my fridge. Unpacked. 35mm and 120. Anybody need it?

  6. Nice shot and light Matt !
    I know what you are saying…Just tonight I was shooting on some elevated rocks and had left my camera bag open unattended and at the drop of a hat the 90 degree change in direction of the gale force winds blew a bunch of spray over onto the dry rocks and my gear ! Argh ! 5DmkII looks like it needs to go to the doctors ! so much for these so called improved weather seals…. But- the G617 still rocks…thank god for film cameras….

    *still curses that 30seconds of open bag whilst adjusting tripod ! *

  7. Nice shot mat. I droped a lee filter off my balcony the other day and watched i float down until it shattered into a million or so pieces. Those things are resin, I wasn’t expecting it to smash, serves my right for hanging out a window with a 617 without bothering to put on the holder….just lucky I droped it and not the camera….how are the bubs!

  8. Sounds like we have all lost equipment along the way. Nothing worse than that feeling.

    Matt I buy all my Velvia from the US and save myself a mint. Not even sure what the Aust price is for a pro pack of 220. I’d hate to find out and yea that shot it on slide with the GX617.

    Ouch Tony… that has got to hurt hope the camera is ok, you have only had it such a short time.

    Fletch you crack me up…

    Merv that would be great if my gear was insured 🙂

    Mike that’s weird for the filter to shatter… i remember watching my adapter ring fall off my old G617 and into Sydney Harbour. Another costly error.

  9. Mat, I dropped the 90mm viewfinder in the thames in London and walked for a few hundred meters until i could get to the edge, all the while hoping the stupid thing didn’t fill with water and sink…

    Also, I’m more than happy to hear from anyone who is willing to offload reasonably priced 120 or 220 RVP 100 (not the F crap) or 50. [email protected]

  10. It is quite interesting Matt…It only got a spray which I wiped off ASAP but it stopped working so I ran back up the beach and raced home wiped it off with a damp cloth then opened the accessory and battery tabs and left it in open in front of a fan overnight…next morning it was fine…
    In my ‘trauma’ that evening I found some interesting reading in regards to this supposed improved 5DmkII weather sealing…
    Make your own mind up of course…but interesting all the same…


  11. I second you comment on the “f” crap Mike. Talk about a film that should be discontinued.

    Tony… Glad it fixed itself. Looks like there is room for improvement with the 5D Mark II and it’s seals.

  12. Really nice landscapes, do you stitch these of do you have a super wide lens? I ask because I would have found the movement of the waves really hard to stitch.

    You make the country look beautiful, well, it is beautiful but I’m too much of a procrastinator to get out and explore the landscapes.

  13. Thanks Katie… I shoot a combination of slide film on panoramic cameras and also stitching.

    Stitching water is the biggest nightmare but what I found works best it to output each image in PTGui as an individual layer and then blend in photoshop that way you can blend in your waves a lot better.

    I’m going to be working on a tutorial on how to do this soon.

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