Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)


Kata Tjuta

I just got my slide film back from my trip to Uluru and Kata Tjuta aka Ayres Rock and The Olgas. For a trip without clouds the radiant hues you get from long exposure at dawn and dusk are fantastic. At the moment this shot is my favourite. Taken at first light when the sun just breached the horizon.

I don’t know what it was about this morning but the trademark Aussie flies were out in strength. The morning prior it was great just the odd fly, maybe over night a fresh batch were born ready to harass the tourists.

Fuji GX617 | Velvia 50 | Sunrise | November 2008

8 thoughts on “Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)

  1. It’s gorgeous Matt, takes me right back there standing at Kata Tjuta enjoying first light at dawn.

    There’s something about the light and the air in desert like environments like Red Centre and Kimberley that often brings some brilliant hues at dawn and dusk even with no clouds.

  2. Matt I love it and it’s not just because I’ve got back from a party and am pissed but because it is unreal mate. That Fuji isn’t too bad ………. when it works
    !!!! Stil i think it would be better on the 5
    D mark II, shit mate that screen on the thing is out of this world!

  3. Flemming: Thanks mate yea the outback of Australia is really something special.

    Fletch: Cheers mate, yea I bet the 5d Mark II is awesome.

    Matt: Yea the glow was really special. I’m glad the shot showed what it was like that morning.

  4. lovely shot Matt ! the white border etc compliments it so well too. It certainly is an amazing place and I liked the olgas/kata tjuta much more than uluru. Perhaps in 2009 I might get a chance to get back there again myself. đŸ™‚

  5. I can still remember my visit to Uluru and the Olgas. The Olgas were more impressive to me. Hope to see them one day again and take a nice shot from that spectaculair place. I read you had a great experience visiting Ozzies center. I also want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Best wishes from holland, Corné

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