Koolewong Boats, Central Coast



I shot this other morning while trying out the new (free) upgrade to the 360 precision head I got so I can angle the camera up / down in 5 degree increments instead of 45 degree. Worked a treat. The sunrise on this morning was blood red but I feel the tones with the warmer light opens up the shot a lot more. I’ll leave the blood red shots to the Fuji GX617 that I also shot with this morning.

I don’t really like the blues in this, but it was the light I was given on the day.

This is 7 shots at 50mm.

7 thoughts on “Koolewong Boats, Central Coast

  1. I actually like the blues and the reflection of the clouds in the water. Was it an easy stitch? I’m glad the replacement for the 360 seems to be working out. Logo and layout looks good too.

  2. Thanks guys for the feedback.

    Tom… yea I like the water as well and the blue in the shot is growing on me.

    Michael… Yea stick with the Manfrotto head.

    Matt… the stitch was as easy as loading the shots in CS4 and hitting ok in photomerge. There were no alignment issues at all.

    Fletch… “Mintox” now that is old school talk. Ha ha. Yea digital is ok, next week I am going to hit the Hunter Valley and shoot the vineyards should be fun with some wide angle stitches and also some done at 200 mm.

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