Litchfield National Park


matt-in-litchfield-national-park.jpg About an hour and a half drive from Darwin in the top end of Australia these huge magnetic termite mounds appear in a paddock like huge teeth coming out of the ground. The mounds are perfectly aligned North and South hence being called magnetic. Some are up to 6 meters high and appear only in this single area in Australia.

Shot was taken on my old Canon 20D with the 10-22mm lens by my dad who got up with me at 4am to shoot the area on sunrise on a trip to the NT for my brothers wedding in 2007. We had a great time and he enjoyed seeing the effort that goes into getting the right shot. Some quality father and son time and good laughs.

3 thoughts on “Litchfield National Park

  1. I was there in early 2006. It was a great experience traveling through Litchfield and Kakadu. My trip to Darwin was what got me really interested in landscape photography.

    Did you make it to Wangi & Florence Falls… Swimming beneath Florence Falls was amazing.

  2. Unfortunately I never made it to the falls, we were a bit pushed for time, but my brother said we should have gone and visited, as it was another beautiful area. If you were there in early 2006 you would have had the humidity. Now that is an experience.

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