Lower Somersby Falls, Central Coast, NSW

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Headed out to Somersby Falls teaching and we went for a bit of a hike down past were most people go. The light was a bit intense with the over cast weather and the sun directly overhead. Acted like a massive harsh soft box. But with the unflattering light this is what I got. Will have to do a re shoot when the overcast light isn’t so intense.

This is a 12 image stitch shot at 24mm in portrait mode. Stitched in CS4 photomerge.

0 thoughts on “Lower Somersby Falls, Central Coast, NSW

  1. very nice shot matt… hopefully i can get some nice waterfall shots like this when i go up to cairns with dad :D, im super keen to go to milla milla falls

  2. Hey Matt,

    Nice shot.

    Good New Years Resolution – ‘Walk the Road Less Travelled and you shall find rewards’

    Must say this part of the Somersby Falls is my favourite. I find it very variable in terms of looks depending on the volume of water – it can end up as a side-to-side white ribbon sometimes, making the walk down to where you shot from quite (very!) dangerous. There is another falls even further down, last time I was there there was a massive log straddled across a narrow deep plunge pool, a very different look. Only bushwalked rather than carried the photo gear down that far tho – not much of a path. Hey – I suspect a few more after that as well!

    btw – I note your comment about ‘shoot panoramas on manual’ would you not have to keep the same shutter speed on a falls shot like this?


  3. Thanks Barney… another falls further down hey. Thanks I will check that out. I suspected there might be more down further. Yea when shooting panoramics on manual everything is fixed. If you didnt you would get images with different shutter speed lengths if you used say AV mode.

  4. Yes – it is a lot smaller tho than the ones higher. both in terms of height and width. Having said that – if a lot of water is going thru a small channel it probably doesn’t dry up as much as the others either.

    Another New Year thought – the best photos are taken with the use of your feet, not your camera.

    Thanx for the tip – i’ll stick to manual from now on for panos…


  5. Nice one Matt, I too wish SW WA had some waterfall that flowed all year. You’ve done really well with that light, in WA I probably wouldn’t have bothered before with film, but with digital, may be worth a try.

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