Manly Beach / Queenscliff Beach

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Just a quick shot I snapped on sunset as I was teaching my landscape photography workshop on Manly Beach on Saturday (7th Nov). The north part of Manly Beach is sometimes referred to as Queenscliff Beach.

The sunset was beautiful but the back light gave us the perfect dynamic range and simple beautiful colour. It’s not all about shooting where the sun is setting.

The dark sand to the bottom left of the shot was from a Volley Ball game that left in perfect time so us photographers can have our fun.

3 thoughts on “Manly Beach / Queenscliff Beach

  1. I was right – it was you shooting 6×17 there with two other people. 🙂 You probably saw me with my backpack and tripod short before sunset looking for a place for shooting. I decided to shoot from the walking path from Manly to Shelly beach. I still have to process the images.

  2. Arr… that was you Ilya. Nice to unofficially meet you. I saw you past and have a good look at my gear (camera that is). Beautiful sunset wasn’t it. Sending the film off today. Look forward to seeing your shots.

  3. Hi Matt, Love the image, however this is Queenscliff Beach….QBC rules! love the image, but you should change the title! Hope you don’t mind me telling you! oh yeah your work rocks…

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