Merewether Baths, Newcastle

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Merewether Baths A shot taken while waiting for my Newcastle Day Course to start last month.

An easy +1, 0 and -1 exposure blend put together in CS3 (I really need to upgrade to CS4).

Played around with the Render Effect filters and used Omni light to add a bit of drama to the image. Takes a fair bit of playing around to get it right. But it is worth exploring.

5D Mk II | 24-70mm f2.8 lens

4 thoughts on “Merewether Baths, Newcastle

  1. Looks like a a 6.75 on the image (given the pole marker), sky, reflection, composition, 3 rd’s, kit and caboodle, R.O 3 rd’s = WOW! V’nice indeed, I’m going to have to try this effect with some images I took @ South head. Great image Matt!

  2. Matt..Your work blows me away every time! The new shots are great. No tech terms from me, dont know any…simply stunning! Great news on getting the JS contract again well done. 🙂

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