Mum I found my bike..


When I was out shooting the other morning I walked past this bike that some fisherman has obviously pulled out of the river and lent against the light pole, hoping that maybe some kid will be reunited with his bike. Looks like the lucky owner has a cleaning job on their hands.

9 thoughts on “Mum I found my bike..

  1. I’ve just checked out you website. Wasn’t your gallery at the Warringah Mall? I was in Sydney in October last year and bought a few packs of your cards as souvenirs from a stall in there. Fletcher’s binoculars to see it from Sydney got me wondering.

  2. Matt,

    Yea it was, I was just outside Country Road. I had a 12 square meter display in the center for 6 months. Check your cards, if it says Matt Lauder Gallery on the back then its me. 🙂

  3. $75K in rent for 6 months and it was a stall in the isle, Sydney is expensive! Yes they were indeed yours! those photo’s encouraged me to get up early and get to Barrenjoey lighthouse just before first light and take a few photos’, some of the last that were taken with my A5. Anyway, the English cousins loved the postcards and noted that they weren’t Ken’s, they loved them!

  4. Thanks guys, yea the bike had a lot of character. I will add it to my stock collection thats for sure.

    Matt renting space in a major shopping center costs you a mint. Worth it if you can do it for a day (ie Saturday or Sunday) but the hidden cost is also the stock set up.

    Thanks for buying the postcard pack, the Northern Beaches is a great place to photograph, as for Ken I got heaps of comments like “Are you selling Ken Duncans work” and my reply was “No, but thank you for the complement.”

  5. Matt I have been looking through your site for your hearder image but can’t find it. Is it even up? I wanna see it at a bigger size.

  6. Dylan.. that shot isn’t on my site. With my main site I only upload / add images that look natural and I don’t think the one in my header images looks natural.

    I will be releasing a tutorial on how it was edited soon.

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