Narrabeen Baths – Fotoman 624


Narrabeen Baths

I am still working on a video to show you all the Fotoman 624 (just got to find the time to finish it off). Anyway here is a shot I took of Narrabeen Baths a few weeks back on sunset with the camera.

Click the image to see the larger view.

5 thoughts on “Narrabeen Baths – Fotoman 624

  1. Dyan the banding must be in the Jpeg. Though I cant see it on my iMac screen.

    Dave it is weird some images have fall off and slight loss of detail on the edges and this image was one of them, but this is the only shot that I have seen those faults the others have been fine. Because of the width the camera really is pushing the limits of the lenses image circle. With the camera it takes nothing to make it vignette.

    Thanks Mitchell.

    Ian shooting medium format slide real does have it’s benefits over digital panoramics. You should get one and have a go. Great fun and instant colour results. Thanks for posting on the blog and watching.

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