Nescafe Blend 43 Vs MacBook Pro


16 days out from Christmas I was replying to a customers enquiry at home on email with my fresh cup of coffee next to me, accidentally somehow (stupidity) I knocked my whole cup over the keyboard of my Macbook pro (17 inch, 2Gig version). Tears came to my eyes as I watched the screen turn black and this sad sound emit from deep within, I jumped up and tipped it upside down, as coffee rained out from my Mac visions of lost data and another 28 month of repayments still to be made flashed before my eyes or was it coffee?? Lucky I back up all my work and master image files to an external drive.

Now this is why you got to love owning a Mac…. took it to the dealer, the next day a tec calls and gives me a brief run down of what he found inside (not good and smelly). Two days later I get a call… dead right hand side USB and needs a new keyboard. To fix the USB would have cost over $1500 and the mac has another 3.. new keyboard $280 bucks. So my almost fatal error will cost $280 and I will have it back in just over 9 days from the day I dropped it in less than two weeks before Christmas… how good is that.

What have I learnt…. don’t drink coffee near your Laptop and that Mac’s are not coffee proof, just coffee resistant !

7 thoughts on “Nescafe Blend 43 Vs MacBook Pro

  1. good to see you with a new post Matt. Will have to tune in a little more often now I have something to read. I’m drinking a Bulleit Bourbon near my laptop as I type, nice bogan drink, yummy.

  2. I too learnt the hard way not to drink near my laptop… my near-fatal error… Coke! Imagine all that sugar corroding the inners of my old PC laptop?! I’m now a very cautious Mac owner, with no Coke in sight. Glad it all worked out for you, Matt πŸ™‚

  3. When I took my MAC to the Apple shop they said just be glad it wasnt coke as apparently it eats your motherboard. The best thing out of it is you got yourself a MAC and killed your PC.

  4. i have had my macbook pro for a month and that is any laptop owners nightmare.
    i do find myself holding a beverage over it every now and then, but that habit will be kicked.

  5. Tom, I love that link, another reason why you buy a Mac.

    Dylan you will only drop coffee on your Mac once as the fear of doing it again is too much to handle.

  6. 1500$ for a usb fix ? I would definitely seek a student geek from university in electronic eng or similar troubleshooting and pay him 200 maybe more to get this issue fixed. Good luck with your mac. definitely fits the job it does πŸ˜€

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