New tutorial – Location planning with the Photographers Ephemeris


A new and fantastic tool on the market is the Photographers Ephemeris. In this tutorial we look at how the tool can be used to plan in detail how to get the best from locations on your “Must shoot list”.

We go through some well known locations in Australia and show you what we consider the best time to shoot them and how you can do it all with this application. You will never shoot in bad light again.

This tutorial is now available under the “Tips and Tricks” section of our tutorials. Free for members or $4.99 for guests. To view the tutorial please click here.

6 thoughts on “New tutorial – Location planning with the Photographers Ephemeris

  1. It is nice to have all kinds of “Modern” equipment to help you out when “something” needs to be done as soon as possible,but to do any “Art”,I’d like to use my personal “instinct’ to judge the “reality” and to choose when,where,or how to do it.

  2. This is just for the planning of how light will fall on your subject to give you the best result, taking the guess work and luck out of when the light is at its best. For me the art is how you compose it, your control on shutter speed that kind of thing.

  3. Awesome application, I’m getting it! Thanks for the heads up on this one Matt. Do you have a tutorial on colour management? I admit I haven’t looked but it’s worth a thought if you don’t!

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