New Year – New Camera – Linhof 617 90mm


My search for a Linhof 617 90mm is over today after months of looking. I bought it off a great guy who use to do Video Productions / Event Management and he bought one for a job many years ago and it is in mint condition (looks like I pulled it out of the box). It would have been lucky to have had 10 rolls run through it…. but I will soon fix that.

And to my mate Christian who will read this and probably rolling his eyes at me buying another film camera… sorry mate… getting one got the better of me. 🙂

Happy Shooting

6 thoughts on “New Year – New Camera – Linhof 617 90mm

  1. mate what are you doing????? Film….aaagggh. I was reading your post and I did feel my eyes rolling back in my head, then I read the bottom and had to laugh!! Cool, I think the Linhof will be great, should have spent a bit more though and got a Likhof, named after the great man himself. Film does have its place and when the dinosaurs return to walk the earth you will have something to shoot them on!!

    Digital Fletch

  2. thanks Rod, glad to be a member of the Linhof club now for the time being anyway.

    Dylan after shooting slide film for so long it is hard to give it up and go digital. Like a kid and their safety blanket I guess. But fear not I have invested in a 1ds Mark II and the 360 precision head like Christian so I guess time will tell if my film shooting will take a back seat to slide. I certainly wont miss the processing bills for my film.

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