Newcastle and Central Coast Aerial Shoots


Over the last few months I have been busy adding new styles of images to my extensive collection. This is just one of the range of aerial images I have added to my Newcastle online gallery and I have done the same style images for the Central Coast as well.

Shooting from small helicopters is quite challenging but the results speak for themselves. Depending on how the rest of this month turns out I might be able to squeeze in another chopper shoot or two. Fingers crossed for a late summer.

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One thought on “Newcastle and Central Coast Aerial Shoots

  1. Hi Matt, i sent a file on Friday 19th August and was wondering when the panoramic stretched canvas would be ready. I also am not sure when or how I need to pay. I received an email from Hightail confirming my file had been uploaded and received. This is a Father’s Day present and I would really like it before Friday 2nd September. The picture I uploaded was going to need some fixing which us why I sent it on 19/8. If you cod get back to me as soon as possible pleas I would greatly appreciate it. Sue Mble 0404 861 621

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