Norah Head Lighthouse Video Masterclass


After two weeks of scattered showers there seamed to be a break in all the grey so my mate Adam and I headed out to Norah Head Lighthouse which is just north of Soldiers Beach. The sunrise itself wasnt anything special but the light falling onto the headland was fantastic. Running around shooting as much as possible on both film and digital I ended up with a few crackers and this was one of them that I was able to grab in between film captures. (Film was sent off today, cant wait.)

This one was shot on the 5D MkII with the 17-40mm f4 lens @ 17mm.

I have created the full editing of this image from scratch as a 22 minute video tutorial that is available at Rubbing Pixels. Free for members or $9.99 for guests.

Click the image to see a larger view of the shot.

10 thoughts on “Norah Head Lighthouse Video Masterclass

  1. Great tutorial as usual 🙂 but just wondering … you don’t seem to add any sharpening to your images … just curious ?

  2. Matt, just wondering if you’ve experienced any banding with the 17-40? I just picked one up and shot some images on a 5Dmk2 and have found a great deal of banding.

    • No not at all. The 17-40mm for me has been a great lens. Without knowing your set up and if your shooting RAW etc. As banding I found comes from over processing images with low info, clipping colour channels (more common with Jpeg) that kind of thing.

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