North Avoca Beach, Central Coast, NSW


Spent the day teaching a bloke from the UK. A sunset like this is common for us Aussies but for a Pom they are few and far between.

Shot this one with my battery flashing red. Went to change it with my spare and it was also dead flat. (Don’t you hate that). Anyway the final stitch was boring in colour but had potential so I tricked it up a bit in Photoshop.

Developed a new technique to get your rocks looking like metal which is cool. But more on that another time.

8 image stitch on the 5D MkII shot in landscape mode. Lee 2 stop ND soft and Lee 1 stop ND hard to control the sky.

For those who are interested all my techniques used are available as video tutorials at Rubbing Pixels

7 thoughts on “North Avoca Beach, Central Coast, NSW

  1. Hey Matt, good post, made me laugh… 🙂

    At least you didn’t have someone in a long white dress waiting hopefully in front of you when the battery and spare died… has happened to me and not fun.

    Pommie sunsets are interesting – not so much colour/contrast maybe, but they take soooo long to happen, you get about three times the timeslot to work in the best light


    • Thanks Barney, Chris (the guy I was teaching) mentioned that at certain times of the year the sunset can be gone in minutes. Mate you can keep all that white dress shooting. Wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.

  2. That’s one hell of a stunning sunset Matt.

    Last year for the Targa West (state-wide road rally event) my friend and I went out to shoot it, he pulled out his camera – batteries dead, so popped in the spare set. Also dead. So he had to watch me take photos for the whole day! 😀

    • Man that must have pissed your mate off so much. Hope he didnt bug you too much to take a few shots with your camera. I’ve been in that situation many a time and it’s a hard one.

  3. Sweet image Matt, the Rubbing Pixels site is amazing. I’ve also managed to go out with a dud battery, they don’t keep charged up for long, even when not being used. It’s so easy to become complacent.

    • Thanks Matt glad your enjoying the site. I’ll have to keep that in mind with the battery loosing power over time. I have a feeling that I used the battery and forgot about charging it. I have three. Two in my main bag and one in the bag with my 5D MkII video gear.

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