Northern Beaches Aerial Photography, Manly to Palm Beach


I am currently populating my main gallery with a recent aerial shoot over the Northern Beaches and Sydney. The images will cover pretty much all the beaches that lay along the Northern Beaches coastline from Balmoral to Palm Beach.

I opted to shoot in the morning for the warmth of light on the beach. All images in the gallery are shot on slide film.

6 thoughts on “Northern Beaches Aerial Photography, Manly to Palm Beach

  1. Great artist,great work,great country.I like each of the photos that you take from Central Coast,NSW.Colorful and powerful.It seems that Mother Nature knows you are there.

  2. Oh man, I’ve walked all the northern side of the harbour in that photo. The very idea of stitching from plane? Hmmm….. Keep to the 617, Nearmap here in Perth take arial photography once a month using a digital arial photography camera, great resolution!

    They also take oblique images at the same time!

  3. Matt – sounds like an expensive morning 🙂

    Hope the sales go well and that you quickly recoup your costs, and then some….. even if not, a good addition to your portfolio/gallery for sales over the years

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