Not a surfer in sight, Avoca Beach, Central Coast, NSW


Out yesterday afternoon shooting down at Avoca Beach giving my new Canon 7D a work out with my 400mm lens which is now the equivalent to 640mm on the 7D with it’s 1.6x magnification factor.

The surf was huge and rough, there wasnt a surfer or beach goer in sight just a few taking their afternoon walk along the beach.

This shot could make the list for the surf section, which when launched will be found in the main gallery section.

7 thoughts on “Not a surfer in sight, Avoca Beach, Central Coast, NSW

    • Only had it a short time Merv but it I find it just as good as the 5D MKII. Its better made that’s for sure in terms of feel, tightness of the shutter and aperture wheels etc.

      When I get the time I will do a few tests between the two and see how it come out. Might make for a good tutorial or blog post.

  1. Hi Matt, great photo. I keep trying for curling wave shots like this but can’t quite get the look you have here. You should throw an extender on the 400 for 896 or 11120 mm equivalent focal lengh 🙂

  2. Did you end up doing some comparisons against the 5d mkII ? I was looking at getting a 7d but read a few reviews saying the image quality was soft and not very good.

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