Observatory Hill on Dusk

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Just finished teaching my monthly Sydney City Day course and we were given a great sunset to shoot with at the end of the day. All eight of us were lined up and it was great to see everyone putting the technique and skills into practice and getting some amazing shots. This is my version of what we took. Observatory Hill would be my favorite spot in Sydney to shoot… how can you beat that view.

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  1. On the 12th or 13th July, i’ll call you next week and finalize. Fantastic angle looks like it’s was taken close to the Palisade? I’ll call yo Mon/Tue! Awesome capture, the forgotten side of the Bridge!

  2. I like this photo, Matt! Good timing and unusual view of this place, Also I like the composition – when branches of the tree in the left corner and car lights create diagonal lines leading a viewer to the bridge. Very well!

  3. Lovely work Matt, really leaps out at you. I think you did a shot at more or less the same location during the day for one of your tutorials? I have to say I am loving combining images in CS4 to blend skies with mid-tones and highlights, so much better than HDR, although I still do use Photomaix Exposure Blend for some internal grunge shots etc.

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