Oh Sweet Beautiful Slide


Even after shooting slide film for 9 years when I send film off I hang around my letter box like a vulture when I know it’s arriving  back from the lab. Today I was out the back and I heard the postmans bike in the distance. I almost re enact the Eddy Murphy skit about “The Icecream man is coming” from his Delirious tour.

So I stand at the window watching the postman drop letters in my mailbox waiting to see my film package, I then watch him reach into the red bag and pull out the Express post pack. “Its here”. I’m at the letter box before he even has a chance of attempting to put it into the slot. “Thanks mate” I say and before I get to my front door I have the express post pack torn open. Now all you digital shooters are probably thinking I’m some kind of weirdo. But you cant understand, it is a film shooters thing.

This is one of the first images taken with my Fuji GX617 and it is going to be added to my limited edition collection. A nice way to start off shooting with a new camera system.

New slide images have also been added to my main gallery.

9 thoughts on “Oh Sweet Beautiful Slide

  1. I understand completely, I used to shoot slide before going digital and with my recent 617 tests I got that feeling back, that excitement, waiting for the slide to be developed. Something only slide shooters can understand I think!

    Like a kid on christmas we tear the package open and look at the slide on the light box – and when the results are as good as this sunset shot we’re in heaven!

    This is a fantastic shot Matt, good start for the GX617!

  2. Stunning shot mate ,
    Deffinatly worthy of being limited edition
    Sorry didnt get to meet up while i was over there was a bit rushed visit and was only in Avoca for a day

  3. Fantastic photo Matt ! Such gorgeous hues and light…I know the exact feeling you are describing.
    I look forward to more work in the not too distant future.


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