One on One Private Photo Course

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One of my latest One on One courses up on the Central Coast.

Anthony was someone who just loved taking photographs for himself and wanted to get the most out of his equipment. So we spent the day on the Central Coast meeting up at Ken Duncan’s Gallery and then off to The Entrance and then ending the day at Avoca Beach. Anthony had this to say about the day:

Dear Matt,

Thanks again for a great day. I really feel much, much more confident with landscape photography and even enough to say that i feel that I have a good grasp of the techniques involved. Your teaching style is very good and covers many aspects of landscape photography. I learnt so much yet realise that there is a lot more to learn. Your guidance and communication skills particularly lend to a positive learning experience. In other feedback, I thought the time spent at Ken Duncan’s gallery was a good idea and has potential to spend time discussing the techniques used in the art / industry, pros and cons of various photos etc.

Thanks for the photos sent – they look excellent. My wife is more impressed with your photos than mine – I realise that she is a critic and will look for someone who can give advice.

Thanks heaps for your expertise and advice.


The image above is Anthony and I at Avoca Beach and the main image Anthony took at the end of the day putting into pratice what was taught during the day.

5 thoughts on “One on One Private Photo Course

  1. Hi Matt,

    That is certainly great feedback. Teaching a passion to others is certainly a very rewarding experience. Its a great feeling isn’t?

    Jamie Paterson

  2. Yea it is great and rewarding. Especially come the end of the day and you see the people putting into practice what you taught them and them seeing and understanding what is working and what isn’t and why.

  3. Matt, could you please tell me what tripod you are using? i am lost in a jungle of carbon fibre, aluminium, etc…

    Many thanks

  4. Hi Anita, I own two Manfrotto tripods. Both are Aluminum. My main tripod is a 055PROB. The main thing is the get a good tripod head. Forget the ones that control the head with one leaver, they are a pain to level. Hope this helps.

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