Pebbly Beach, Crescent Head, NSW


I just returned from 4 days up at Crescent Head, NSW shooting to expand my gallery range. So while I wait for my film to get processed I’ve been going through my digital shots.

This is an 8 image panoramic stitch taken from the golf course. Edited as colour but I decided to go the black and white option. Quite a mix of things to get the final B&W look but quickly it was.

1. B&W adjustment layer set to High Contrast Red and tweeked.
2. Two Channel Mixer adjustment layers, one for the ground another for the sky set at different opacity levels.
3. Mode change to Duotone and a Pantone colour added and tweaked with curve.
4. Several selective dodge and burn layers.
5. Soft glow effect added and then masked in leaving the edges more soft than the rest.

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