Peter Lik – Another classic video on 100 miles from Nowhere

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Somehow I stumbled upon this video on YouTube when trying to find more info on my last post on his new TV series. Have a watch… pretty funny stuff, not sure if this show will be on free to air tv… looks more like something that will be on Foxtel. You will see what I mean.

The video link

9 thoughts on “Peter Lik – Another classic video on 100 miles from Nowhere

  1. Thanks for the link Matt, I loved it. Definitely not for general consumption. If you don’t mind some coarse language, stick ‘in the loop’ into a youtube search and make sure the kinder are out of earshot!!

    • I know what you mean… but it is very funny and typical of a guy who doesn’t give a rats ass what people think of him, which makes it even funnier. For someone who is very American now, you can see a lot of Aussie still in Lik.

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