Planning for my first digital night shoot – Full moon


Last night around 9pm I let the dogs out for a wee and I couldn’t believe the amount of light from the full moon. So tonight I am going to head out and do my first night shoot on digital. What I am going to do is to is screen record my research before I head out, followed by “if possible” some in the field recording of me on location and how things are going with some of the tests and explain what I am doing followed by the post production of the images taken. Then combine all that into a masterclass for the Rubbing Pixels website. I think this might be easier said than done.

My plan is to do a few tests of the effects of long exposure noise on images, with and without long exposure noise activated on the 5D MkII.
Shooting a few digital panoramic’s under moon light and also some general shots.
Also to plan for some other shoots for star trails when the new moon comes.

I’ll also bang off a shot or two with the Fuji G617 loaded with either Provia 100f or 400x. Might as well while I am there !

I got three batteries for the 5D MkII so that should keep me out of trouble for a fair while.

Stay tuned… I’ll upload a photo or two tomorrow of what I get from tonight.

8 thoughts on “Planning for my first digital night shoot – Full moon

  1. Can’t wait to see the result.
    Yesterday, when I saw the moon, after work, I rushed to get my camera and tripod. When I start shooting, around 6, the moon was already to high, smaller and brighter. I will try again earlier maybe tonight or tomorrow.

    • Yea I dont want the moon in my shots, just the light from it. So I will be out around 8 – 9 pm. Guess I will find out soon enough on how it will all turn out. Looks like high tide as well.

  2. have fun! iv seen heaps of good beach shot done under moon light! never really seen a night shot done on film before so that would be cool…


  3. Keep the exposures under the 8 minute mark or so. Anything past that becomes pretty bad.

    Also, I can’t stand the noise reduction feature, you’re better off shooting one manual noise frame and subtracting that from your shots in post. Otherwise you’ll have to wait for the camera to shoot a dark frame of the same shutter speed as the actual shot (very annoying when you’re shooting more than 1 frame at anything over 10sec.)

    Good luck with the shoot! 😀

    • Thanks Levi. Just got back from the shoot. Went well. Only did one shot with long exposure noise on as a test and pretty much all exposures were under 8 min with one or two at 9 min.

      Will have a few shots up tomorrow (Friday) and the tutorial up on Saturday.

    • Cheers Matt… sending the film off tomorrow with a stack of other rolls from the last 10 days. Still yet to look at the shots from 5D MkII but they look good on screen and zoomed in.

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