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soldiers beach Another shot that was taken on my private photo workshop that was held on the Central Coast (26th July).

This spot at Soldiers Beach is brilliant in the right light and this time the overcast conditions, combined with a long exposure really paid off.

Again a single exposure processed once, taken with a 10 stop ND filter and a 3 stop lee ND soft grad.

Final exposure was 2 minutes at F11 which gave the lovely sky and water movement. Shot at 24mm on the 5D Mark II.

The processing of this photo is nothing new that I haven’t already covered in my latest Forresters Beach video tutorial.

5 thoughts on “Private Photography Workshops Central Coast

  1. Thanks Matt. I am really loving the long exposure work at the moment. Sure beats those static wave captured images.

    I’m keen to get this shot again but this time with some red cloud on sunset.

  2. Thank you for all I learned on the day. I never thought of managing shutter speed with ND filters and your course was a true eye opener. I never knew how people were able to shoot these wonderful veils/mists of water and I reading it up in a book is simply not the same as going out with a pro. I learn best by doing and this day was invaluable for me. You truly brought my photography to the next level and I will keep practice to get it right. Not just the ND filters were an eye opener, as well the use of bracketed photos to rather merge layers and take the best of all exposure worlds than just using ND in Photoshop as an afterthought. Thanks I enjoyed every minute and can only highly recommend your courses. I wish you lots of success for your future endeavours and I’m sure I will be back for more.

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