Return to Kata Tjuta



With a bit of time up my sleeve I looked through the images I shot on my Canon when I was at Uluru late last year. Boy I wish I got some cloud when I was there, I will head back again this year so hopefully then.

This one is The Olgas (Kata Tjuta) and is an 8 image stitch at 30mm. Cropped to a 2.4:1 ratio.

3 thoughts on “Return to Kata Tjuta

  1. That’s a great if perhaps a bit loose composition. Slightly tighter crop and I like this angle on Kata Tjuta.

    I too want to go back to Uluru during ‘Summer’. December/January has plenty of clouds – and flies!

  2. I like it, it is exactly how the outback looks. If only we could be there on those days when the light is going mental. We had that last night here in Dunsie. I was frothing!!

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