Rock Fishing, Spoon Bay



Looking through some old shots from last year (2008) and found this one taken at Spoon Bay on the Central Coast of NSW.

While shooting a few young blokes came down and started to rock fish which gave the shot some added subject matter.

Post production on this was:
1.RAW file opened in PS as Smart object and two files made. One for sky and one for the foreground and then masked / blended together in Photoshop.
(RAW files exported in Pro Photo RGB colour space)
2. Each layer converted for smart filters and sky sharpened independent than foreground.
3. Foreground dodged and burnt adding depth.
4. Selective colour adjustment layer (made into clipping mask) for reducing strength of whites in foreground water.
5. Sky was slightly darkened with dodge and burn layer.
6. Selective colour adjustment layer to work on sky blue. (Also made into clipping mask).
7. Foreground layer duplicated and sharpened and then mask used to reduce sharpening on some rocks.

Photoshop work isn’t extensive, just simple tools used selectively.

Shot on Canon 1ds Mark II | 24-70mm lens

8 thoughts on “Rock Fishing, Spoon Bay

  1. Very nice compostion with swirl pattern in sea … that sort of look takes time, patience, and of course, some luck. Draws the eye in nicely.

    Well done….

  2. Agreeing with Stephen, that swirl in the foreground is the cherry on top of a great image. Your processing routine sounds quite similar to mine. Cheers for the step by step info.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Yea the swirl took a while to get. I saw it happening and then took a bit to set up correctly without getting the gear soaked by the waves coming in and then finding the right exposure for the look I wanted and then wait for the swirl. But got it in the end.

    Yea Beau… workflow is pretty straight forward just using tools gently on the shot and working things up slowly.


  4. I love the water Matt, it almost looks like it’s a whirl pool black hole type. Thanks for the info on the processing, it’s awesome to get some ideas and tips.

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