Rubbing Pixels Upgrades


Since the soft launch of the Rubbing Pixels website in February 2010 we have been gradually upgrading the website with new features and also stuff behind the scenes that makes the site run smoother preparing it for it’s official launch in national magazines that will commence in Nov / Dec 2010 and to make it a better site overall for those who are already members and guests.

Over the coming months you will see some changes to the site in terms of some layout and new features:

1. The introduction of “Members Only” tutorials that will be rolled out once it is implemented. This should be done in a matter of days and you will see the bulk of the tutorials mentioned in the July release uploaded this week, for those wondering .. “Where the hell are they” they will be accessed just like any other tutorial for members but not available for purchase by guests.

2. The site for members and guests will include notifications of new tutorials that have been added since you last logged in.

3. Special member notifications when you log in and also for those just visiting the site as well.

4. Several new tutorial category’s will also be created.

Along with some general behind the scenes changes / upgrades and on site functionality tweaks.

So stay tuned.. sign up for the sites newsletter as any special offers for the site will be advertised in here for those willing to be part of the site and the Rubbing Pixels Community of Landscape Photographers.

Feel free to send us feedback through our contact page on any features you would like to see done to make your experience on the site even better.

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