Sensational Sydney Day Course 13th Sep 08

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

On Saturday – 13th of Sep 08 – the group on my Sydney City day course were blessed with a perfect hot sunny day which was a nice change from the freezing days only a week ago.Sydney Icon

After shooting the city from Milsons Point on a pink sunrise we caught the ferry into the city where we discussed and explored composition shooting. Focusing on shots that didn’t need the whole picture to tell the story of the city.

Our day ended with a ferry trip back to Milsons Point and shooting the evening light over the city.

These images were taken by me on the day as I illustrated to students the techniques behind capturing digital panoramic’s and depth of field / focus point shooting. Just some of the cool skills and tricks taught on the day.

Get the most out of your digital or film camera and book on my next Sydney City Day course which is on the 11th of October.
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7 thoughts on “Sensational Sydney Day Course 13th Sep 08

  1. For some reason Dylan’s comments didnt come through so this was his email to me. Cheers Dylan

    ok wordpress hasnt been putting all my comments through so I thought I would just email you my comment on your latest sydney post.

    I think those are both awesome images. They are both new views on the house compared to what I typically see. I love the b&w conversion. (what conversion did you use by the way?)

    Your photography is still improving in leaps and bounds, so keep them images coming!

    Cheers mate!

  2. Nice shots Matt , I personally love the top image
    Nice composition and shows the surface texture on the building .
    A lot of people i have talked to think or thought it was smooth

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