Setting up and Shooting Digital Panoramics – now in production for Rubbing Pixels


After several attempts to record a video tutorial on shooting digital panoramic’s it has become clear that the topic is quite extensive to do all in one hit. I have decided that the topic will be broken down into numerous single tutorials to ensure that the information is as comprehensive as possible for that segment. This will also allow the individual tutorials to be upgraded in the future if needed when new and interesting methods become available and are developed.

The tutorials will cover panoramic set up, to capture, the do’s and dont’s of digital panoramic’s, the equipment, the comparison of digital panoramic’s to film panoramic systems like the Fuji GX617 and the Fotoman 6×24, how to pre visualize the final result and more. The tutorials will be a combination of in the field video integrated with on screen capture to illustrate techniques when and if required.

The videos when released will be contained under their own category on the Rubbing Pixels site and due to the detailed information contained and how they will be presented the tutorials will be for members only.

The videos are currently being story boarded and recording will be starting later this week. You can follow updates and detailed release dates via our facebook page.

One thought on “Setting up and Shooting Digital Panoramics – now in production for Rubbing Pixels

  1. yay :), i was looking on the site the other day, i didn’t even know you had a new how to shoot film vid lol pretty good tho

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