Shooting Moonlight Photography using Digital – Video Tutorial


The first of my in the field tutorials is now ready for release. My introduction into Moonlight photography. This 50 minute video tutorial begins with an outline into the research I did to shoot the location both on digital and slide film. Starting points for my digital exposures, how the moonlight will fall on the area and the best time to head out and shoot.

The tutorial then moves into a detailed look into how the shoot went with test shots and the final exposures taken. Discussing how focusing was done, experimentation with selected f stops, shutter speeds and also iso settings. The use of long exposure noise compensation in the 5D Mk II and it compared to an image with half the iso and shutter speed… how did it stack up ???

Most importantly of all I outline what I learnt and what I would do differently next time I head out. Learning not necessary from mistakes but finding improvements in your work flow to make your next shoot better in certain areas. For me the exposure is exactly what I want but my DOF could be improved and this is discussed on how it will be approached next time.

I also process three files from RAW to final print ready master files as well. The editing of the slide film shots is not covered in this tutorial, only the settings used for the capture.

This tutorial is free for all Rubbing Pixel members, or it can be purchased by guests for viewing on line for $9.99. Here is the direct link to the tutorial.

0 thoughts on “Shooting Moonlight Photography using Digital – Video Tutorial

    • Thanks Mitch… yea it is a bit of a feature film length this one. But I didn’t want to rush the info. The other “in the field” ones wont be that long… well I don’t think so anyway. 🙂

    • Thanks Tom. Yea shooting the full moon was fun. Next I am going to do star trails. In about 10 days time is the new moon so I will give it a go then. Might find a different location to shoot though. So many rock formations up my way wont be hard to find another.

  1. Hey Matt,

    This looks absolutely terrific as does the previous post also. Wow. Look forward to the star trails shot you have coming up ;~)

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