Soldiers Beach, Central Coast, NSW


Soldiers Beach

Finally caught up with a mate of mine Christian Fletcher who is over this way shooting for a new book and also for PMA that is held in Sydney this year.

I took him down to Soldiers Beach which just like Forresters Beach has so much to shoot. There was a lot of potential in the sky for an amazing light show but it never got there in the end. Didn’t stop Fletch shooting like it was his last day on earth. It’s always great shooting new locations.

This shot is at 24mm and after seeing Fletch’s shots at 16mm on his 16-35mm f2.8 I know what I am going to be saving for next.

This is another exposure blend of three shots.

6 thoughts on “Soldiers Beach, Central Coast, NSW

  1. hey Matt – when I want to see the news I make sure I have a look at your blog first.
    Fletch’s isn’t up to date yet with Soldiers, slack, eh??

    I guess that’s because things happen slower in the west 🙂

  2. Thanks Barney… yea Fletch over the past 6 weeks has been flat out. I’m sure when his trip is over his blog will be pumped with heaps of shots.

    Thanks Tom, yea it is great spot. I will be doing a lot more shooting here in the near future.

  3. sweet mate, pissed off I didn’t get this angle now you did a great job, flag that old film stuff mate with this sort of work you can’t go back, the previous shot is also very nice. Well done and thanks for showing me the spot.

  4. Hey Matt, Adam Smith here. Great shot mate. Love the texture of the rocks. By the way, I was out on the very point of soldiers this morning and ran into a spot of trouble. If your back there in the near future and see a random dunlop volley or sock drift past, pick it up for me. Thanks

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