Soldiers Beach, Central Coast, NSW


On this morning I shot this sequence of shots and then when the sun breached the horizon I walked across rocks to another area to take advantage of the new light. Because it wasnt far I just picked up my tripod (camera, head still attached) and walked. When I walked down a slight slope I failed to see it was covered in slippery slime and I slipped over and came crashing down. My knees took a bounding but my camera was perfect… god it hurt but it would have hurt more to see me camera gear damaged.

6 thoughts on “Soldiers Beach, Central Coast, NSW

  1. Nice one, Matt. I like the soft pastel colours in this shot.

    I slipped on a rock while walking with my gear not long ago and bent one of the legs on my tripod. Luckily it was only a cheapie and my camera was safely packed away in it’s bag. Gave me a good reason to upgrade my tripod ;p

  2. I really like this, lovely soft light and colours!

    I’ve done this as well, tripping with camera and really hurting myself trying to protect the camera! I lost my Sony GPS unit climbing Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu last year. When the terrain is even sligthly risky I now generally put the camera in my backpack even if I’m only moving a small distance.

  3. Ripper of a shot mate , love the cost line you have over there its so interesting with all these great rock formation . Lot more interesting then sandy white beachs but i guess not as good to swim at lol

  4. Nice shot Matt, looks like a great location.

    As long as the camera is alright thats all that matters. Unfortunately spills in our field are inevitable.
    Touch wood….. Touched.

  5. Nice Matt,

    I went out for a shoot with Neal and Kirk today and slipped on a rock, both legs when either side of the rock and it stopped short of my middle leg by about 2 inches. Kirk thought it was pretty fun, I just breathed a sigh of relief.

    Jamie Paterson

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