Somersby Falls at 17mm



I have been flat out last week shooting for the Lonely Planet so I thought I would chuck this shot up taken recently at Somersby Falls for those checking the blog and seeing nothing new. Sorry guys.

Shot at 17mm on the 5D Mk II.

5 thoughts on “Somersby Falls at 17mm

  1. Well done on getting the Lonely Planet gig! Any idea where your images will be published? That should sure get you some exposure, I’ve now got the theme rack running through my head.

  2. Hey Darren nice to see you back on line mate…. any new images going to be added to the site. Still waiting for the new ones that were due in Sep 07 🙂

    Mitch the Lonely planet is a global company that produce and publish guides to countries for tourists and many other side publications as well.

    Thanks Matt… my work is going to feature in a promotional publication to bring students to Newcastle Uni. So I was out shooting students on campus that were interviewed and also location shots in and around the town as well. Lots of fun. I’ll post some shots if I can. Just got to run doing that past the LP project manager to see if I can.

  3. Hey Matt,

    Don’t apologise for no blog entries when you are out n about after the hard-earned.

    Glad you go the Lonely Planet gig, even better it’s local to you.

    Anything that gets ca$h from that camera has to be good – especially if it doesn’t involve girls in White Dresses(!)


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