Somersby Falls Vertical, Central Coast, NSW


Shooting slide film at the best of times can be difficult to nail the exposure. Go under the canopy and it can be even harder to perfect. Slow film, reciprocity failure of that film, center filter adding one stop and then a polariser adding two stops. All adds up to quite a long exposure. At least under the canopy the lighting it quite even.

From memory this would have been about 3 min at F16 on the Fuji GX617. If shooting on digital I would have looked at getting my shutter speed to about 1 sec. You get better water detail and also it avoids the highlight at the bottom of the water fall. On this shot even though the highlight is bright it isn’t pure white which is good. If it was it would need repairing.

Heading out this weekend to shoot more under the canopy shots. Undecided if it will be the Blue Mountains or Barrington Tops. Kind of leaning towards the Barrington Tops. See how the weather is come Saturday / Sunday.

7 thoughts on “Somersby Falls Vertical, Central Coast, NSW

  1. Hey Matt

    love the colour of the rock in this one, it adds a nice contrast to the darks. I was shooting in possibly the best rainforest i’ve ever scene in my life on Friday, best feeling cracking off those long exposures. It was pretty dark so i ended up with about 8 mins @ F16, i can’t wait to see how they come out they should have that nice green glow to them if all went okay.



  2. Hand holding the shutter open…. that dosent sound good. Hope there isn’t any movement in the shot. I still have my original cable release that Casey gave when I first started.

  3. nice shot matt…. hmm you must have a steady hand Darren ahha…

    matt, i think iv seen a photo of yours from moss man gorge that was something like 14min ? its on your flickr page

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