Spoon Bay Star Trail Digital Panoramic – Video tutorial


Out once again messing about with shooting under moonlight. This time trying something totally different that I haven’t seen done before and that was to shoot a digital panoramic at night using the moon light and this was the result.

I have shared my capture details, thoughts and full post production process with my Rubbing Pixels members in a members only 21 minute video tutorial.

Full details and tutorial outline can be found on this link


2 thoughts on “Spoon Bay Star Trail Digital Panoramic – Video tutorial

  1. First off mate what an amazing website you have. The quality of every single piece of work on there, is simply perfect.

    Secondly, your Rubbing pixels website is superb. I personally dislike how some photographers try and ”hide” their secrets and you sharing them is really great.

    This photo is mint, keep up the good work Matt.

    Ryan Epstein

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