Spoon Bay Sunrise


Ok yes I am sure you lot are sick and tired of spoon bay shots from me. I will give you a break after this shot I promise. I really like this image as it doesn’t really have that digital look to it and reminds me of something I would get out of my film camera. I also like the foreground rock markings as well.

The sunrise was blood red, but I shot those images with the GX on slide.


5 thoughts on “Spoon Bay Sunrise

  1. love the foreground Matt!
    the sky doesn’t do as much for me but i think that’s also to do with such a vibrant foreground.

    great choice on the rocks in the foreground.
    alot of interesting features in them

  2. I love this mate!
    The colours are great the subject its great and I think the sky goes perfectly with this image!
    Simply a great image (other than the horizon)!

  3. Matt I like this one. As you can tell I’m not really into that gothic dark sky look, it just doesn’t grab me to often as it is on nearly everyone’s shots.

    This is a nice natural, crisp ,clean shot with great saturation , just a touch wider would have been nice.

    Unfortunatly I don’t think it would win an APPA , not “gothic” enough for that, but I bet it would sell quite well and that’s probably all that matters.

  4. Thanks guys.. yea I need to do a horizon adjustment that’s for sure. Your right Merv and Dylan it is a natural looking shot. I think thats what makes me like it the most from the mornings shooting.

    Yea Merv for it to be “AIPP” I need to invest some more Photoshop post production in it.

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