Storm Brewing The Skillion – Photoshop Tutorial Masterclass Exposure Blending


The Skillion, Terrigal Don’t you just love when the weather guy (Tim Bailey on channel 10 for us NSW people) tells you that tomorrow will be fine but end with a late thunder storm. With summer approaching and the temperature set to sore this year I am really going to dedicate my self to chasing these storm fronts and the wild weather and lightening it creates.

This shot is taken with my new 17-40mm f4 lens @ 17mm at the Skillion, Terrigal on the Central Coast, NSW.

(Why I bought the 17-40mm f4 over the 16-35mm f2.8 will be in my next blog post)

I have made the full post production of this shot as a Masterclass photoshop tutorial that goes into exposure blending and masking in different water layers and I also cover how I go about capturing these kind of images for blending.

This tutorial is recorded in my new format at 1280 x 720 HD.
Tutorial available for immediate download for $12.95 at this link.

10 thoughts on “Storm Brewing The Skillion – Photoshop Tutorial Masterclass Exposure Blending

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  2. Thanks Matt,

    Every bit of help I can get with Photoshop is always very much appreciated, this tutorial fair blew me away though. There’s a lot of good information there to put into use. I hope to get a blog up of my own soon, I’ve got some images I really like and it’s time to see what others think too.

    Well done mate!

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback on the tutorial guys.

    Haha.. not given up on film just yet Fletch, just can be bothered getting it processed until it piles up. 🙂 but thanks for the feedback.

  4. Hey matt, dloaded you tut. Nice work on having your logo visible by the way, very pro 🙂
    It’s good to see a vert of the skillion, sooooooo many pano’s of you know who 😉
    Have you been getting any of these storms??

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