Storm Chasing, The Entrance

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Storm Front, The Entrance

This week during one of my private photography courses the weather turned from bright sun to an afternoon storm and lightening was striking all over the place. So we decided to do a bit of storm chasing.

The lightening was so fast it was very hit and miss. So in the end I set my camera up for continuous shooting and was just taking sequences of 4 shots in a row at random and then finally I got one.

The image is a two shot blend, the blend happening only for the boat as in the original lightening shot the boat had floated and was covering the rear pylon and it detracted from the shot.

Canon 1ds Mark II | 24 – 70mm | F11 at 1/15 sec | 3 stop Lee ND soft grad

The link to the larger image

2 thoughts on “Storm Chasing, The Entrance

  1. about time you posted something! I love the boat. Did you do any real long exposures. I would have whacked on an ND and waited for more strikes to fill it up a bit more then blended the boat in. BTW you are one brave hombre! 🙂

  2. Yea it has been awhile in between posts… I hadnt had the chance to head out and shoot in ages, but will be this week.
    I didnt have the opportunity to do any long exposures because I was teaching but that will be on the cards next time a storm rolls in thats for sure. I have had a few close calls shooting lightening in the past but the results are worth it.

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