Story Bridge Photos, Brisbane, Queensland



Here is a shot from my overnight stay in Brisbane. I had seen this image a few times and knew I wanted one for my own collection. The problem that faced me was the construction of the new Marriot building that dominates the skyline in the city now. Even with a 72mm lens on a 617 camera a once popular angle is no longer possible.

But you dont have to look (walk far) to find an equally impressive angle that fits nicely within the view of a 90mm lens.

This is one of those shots that I love doing where you turn up to a location with very little light where your light meter wont even give you a reading yet and you start with F16 and around 8 minutes and then monitor the light during the exposure and if your light meter begins to work then you finish the exposure around the 6 min mark. This is the result 🙂

This image and more shots of Brisbane can be seen in my recently created Brisbane online gallery section. I have a few more trips planned for Queensland over 2012 and I will be making Brisbane my overnight stop over so I can shoot the city some more.

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