Sunset to Sunrise, Central Coast, NSW

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The Entrance, Central Coast

Last week I ran a two day private course for an underwater photographer Don (great bloke), who had himself quite a camera set up. GX617 with the 90mm and 300mm lenses, Noblex 6×12, he had a few other medium format and 35mm cameras but we would have needed a camel to cart it all around. The Noblex was impressive to look through and see in operation, might have to put that on the list for Santa.

We had some great light shooting from 9am to sunset on day one and then sunrise to the afternoon on day two. The top shot was what we got on the evening and the shot below on sunrise. In the shot below the rocks are a bit dark for me but the overall shot works as a whole I think. Very hard to get the dynamic range from dark rock detail to sky highlight in one shot. Would be a perfect shot to do two exposures on slide and blend.

Soldiers Beach, Central Coast

7 thoughts on “Sunset to Sunrise, Central Coast, NSW

  1. Matt,

    Nice to see regular posts on the blog, and Entrance shot is particularly nice, with composition of the offset from middle of frame sandbar.

    Lucky Don to be able to afford two days of your time 🙂

    btw – I am guessing both were Velvia hence contrast?



  2. I’m new to the central coast I have taken long jetty sunset ang Gosford both amazing where else is great to take sunset shots? Awesome photo by the way

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