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Thought I would shoot something other than landscapes for a change. Surfing is huge here on the Central Coast (where isn’t it). So I rocked up to Avoca Beach on sunrise and found a nice rock shelf to perch on and I snapped away. I’m no expert but this swell seamed pretty big, probably a benefit from all the bad weather we had over the last few days. Give it time and my future surf posts will have all the lingo.


Met this bloke Steve (above) he seamed to catch all the good waves. I also managed to shoot this sequence of a stack below. All shots taken with 70-200mm f2.8.


6 thoughts on “Surfs Up – Avoca Beach

  1. First one is a classic surf shot, always a beauty and your’s is great!

    Do you happen to know the name of a famous surf photog who built his own pano camera from 2 x 35mm cameras? Saw him on National Geographic I think and his work was incredible.

  2. i agree with Flem, the first image is amazing!

    love the sequence shots too, especially where he’s basically sitting down on the wave haha.
    much better then i’d do anyways….i’d be off well before the first frame 😛

  3. Love the first one, the colour are really nice, nice composition in all the shots. The sequence shots make up a great compilation set. Going… going… gone… just sums it up.

    Flemming, if you can find anything about that article could you please post it? I’d really like to see it, I’ve heard of people doing this before but have never seen it in action. If you had enough overlap on these images you’d have a stereo pair and thus be able to view in 3D (or stereo to the Photogrammetrists). If I find it first I’ll let you know.

  4. great work Matt … I wish I could do that (surfing I mean lol). There have been some huge surfs up here on the Gold Coast too … the guys at my works are loving it.

  5. A “stack” in surfing is commonly referred to as a “wipeout”….just to help you get your lingo coming along…:)
    Your galleries are awesome!!

  6. Flemming,
    That was Scott Aichner and it was two Pentax 67’s with fisheye’s mounted in one housing. He called it ‘Project 270’ after the amazing 270 degree angle of view they created.
    Scott has pretty much bailed on the whole thing since film photogs are getting a pretty tough time in the surf industry these days with all the kids out there giving away shots from Dad’s digital SLR.
    His work is still on the web at:
    Very inspirational guy!
    Friends of mine were surfing Pipeline one day and scott SWAM out with a Arriflex in a housing on his shoulder. If you don’t know what that means, Google “Pipeline – Hawaii” and “Arriflex”

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