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Sydney Panorama

Earlier this week I was hired by a company to shoot wide angle shots of the city that could blend into each other on their web site. So this is what I came up with. They wanted the to have the whole city and pan around to North Sydney. About a 220 degree view. These shots are from sunrise at the bottom through to about an hour later at the top.

Amazing detail in each shot and I have provided a cut out from each shot for you to see. This kind of commercial shooting is interesting and I have done a bit of it this year. Hanging out of cranes shooting view shots for units that haven’t even been built, machinery in use on farms, standing on the top of buildings overlooking Hyde park again shooting view shots on sunrise and sunset for multi million dollar apartments and nearly getting blown off by the wind in the process and still shots for TV show magazines. Fun stuff and all in a days work.
 Panorama resolution Panorama Resolution2





Panorama Resolution3  Panorama resolution4

17 thoughts on “Sydney Commercial Photographer

  1. What are you using for a tripod head these day’s, another lump of timber perhaps? I didn’t take it for a stitch at first, the water has stitched very well. Love the wide angle, shows the city at its best.

  2. I use a manfrotto system now, pretty basic but does a wonderful job. Got rid of that precision piece of crap about a year ago now, best thing I ever did, other than getting a 5D Mk II of course. 🙂

  3. Stunning pictures of Sydney Harbour Bridge and opera house .
    I like the first image in four contrasts most .

    Thank you for sharing with us .

  4. nice Matt.
    i love this view as well.
    i think one thing that i like is that even though it’s such a wide shot- being 220odd deg, that it still looks like a scene you can just look straight out at.

    I’m not a fan of the pano’s that get the weird “twisting” feel to them due because at the extremes-you’re effectively looking behind you.
    hope you know what i mean, but i’m not sure i’ve explained it too well haha.

  5. Wow, great shots Matt, I’m amazed at the sharpness you’ve managed to get from the 24-70, what kind of aperture/focal length were you shooting at?

    Maybe I should give mine another chance rather than exclusively using my new 50mm for landscapes.

  6. Thanks Dave…. yea they came up well. Going to head back and shoot the location again for myself.

    Cheers Levi… all shot at 45mm at f13. The 50mm prime should work a treat as well.

  7. Hey Matt – really pleased that the blog is starting to take off, in terms of numbers of posts/replies.

    Be very interested to see if you can morph a section of each the stitches into each other – giving the effect of time lapse.

    Might work particularly well on such a wide shot.

    And your clients might pay more 🙂

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