Sydney Dawn


Sydney City

A day where the weather turned terrible almost in seconds to rain and gale force winds. The horizon was totally covered in thick cloud and fog on sunrise which gave a blue hue to everything but it made the city pop out like a metal metropolis.

8 thoughts on “Sydney Dawn

  1. The blue tones are super nice! I love how clouds and fog really pick up colours.
    I have shots from the exact same place, it’s such a lovely place to go for sunrise or sunset. Gotta try a sunrise from there when I get there in September.

  2. Great shot mate ,
    I havent been to Sydney yet but this is one of the reasons I want to go to get a nice shot of the opera house and Sydney bridge

  3. what awonderful city it is may you give more details concerning its demography and other major economic activities carried out in this amassing city.

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