Sydney Harbour Bridge



I put this stitch together the other day looking through some old images as I archive them correctly and this one really lent itself to being styled like this. The high cloud in the background makes this shot a success and if I was to re process the image I would hit the recovery slider in RAW a bit harder to pull more in detail on the right low clouds.

On this day this the bridge was flying the Australian flag and also the Aboriginal flag. usually the NSW state flag fly’s with the Australian flag.

9 image stitch run through PtGui as I find photomerge in Photoshop struggles with aligning the bridge structure correctly.

7 thoughts on “Sydney Harbour Bridge

  1. Matt – nice one – like the contrast.

    btw I will henceforth be avoiding looking at a certain Western Australian’s blog for fear of seeing everything with the Green Envy Slider pulled up to the max saturation. He’s slumming it on some boat or other, I forget the name….

    I’ll stay on the East Coast for a sense of reality!

    cheers mate,

  2. really cool image Matt!
    some of your late stuff has been really cool as I feel you are doing what I too like to do, that is ‘explore’ a little! 🙂 keep them comin mate!

  3. Barney.. yes that WA photographer is having a blast. I’m green with envy as well.

    Dylan.. thanks mate. Yea having some fun with the digital images thats for sure. Just waiting for my wide angle to turn up then I will be doing some cool stuff.

    Thanks Mitch the sky hue was just playing with layer blending modes and a B&W adjustment layer as well.

  4. Meanwhile, Matt has a new calender for next year. I’ll have to see if I can find it when I get back to Perth, it’s a bit big to get on a plane. Looks like another top addition to the kitchen wall for 2010. Well done!

  5. Yes Matt it is a big calender that’s for sure. It is distributed through all major retailers like Target, Big W etc and also the Calender Club and selected Australia Posts so it wont be hard to find. It should be out soon.

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