Sydney Harbour Mega Stitched Digital Panoramic 1 gig

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Sydney Harbour

Close up of detailThe other day I ran my Sydney City Day Course and I was showing how to do Close up of detailpanoramic stitches on dusk and this was one of them. This 6:1 ratio panoramic is made up of a whopping 25 portrait shot images on the 5D Mk II and when cropped and flattened weighs in at 1 Gig.

Once again the detail is amazing as seen in the other cropped pics of this shot.

Click to enlarge any of the images.

6 thoughts on “Sydney Harbour Mega Stitched Digital Panoramic 1 gig

  1. wow very cool, detail is amazing how big could you blow this image up with out loosing detail??

    oh what f-stop n lens did you use?

  2. ah ok awesome…. i dont know if you have heard about it but do u believe in “lens refraction”?…. i do iv got crop sensor, so i dont shoot anything over f11 i find that the image get a little soft if i shoot f16/f22 ect..??

  3. Thanks Michelle it is taken from the Overseas terminal.

    Mitch dont worry about all that stuff you read about in magazines. I always shoot f11 and over. How else will you get the depth of field you need in your shots. Never had a problem yet.

  4. ah ok.. well apparently if you shoot fx format the most you can go up to is f16, and for the smaller sensors its f8 so yeah, i have seen some vids on youtube and they say the lens is completely useless if you go over them f-stops, i think thats taking it abit far … hmm anyways


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