Sydney Icons – Private Photo Workshop

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Sydney Icons

You will need to click on this one to see the detail as it is 1500 pix wide. A 15 image stitch taken from Mrs Macquaries Chair. It was taken on a private course I ran on Monday for a Queensland lady on holiday in Sydney.

The feel the shot can be improved with a better angle as the building in the background that is sticking up under the bridge is distracting. But for the purpose of instructing her on how to shoot panoramics it does the job.

Cropped to a 5:1 ratio and converted to black and white with a cool gray Pantone colour added.

This day ended with a stunning red sunset over the city. Nice end to the day.

2 thoughts on “Sydney Icons – Private Photo Workshop

  1. A great set of new images Matt, you’re very well placed to get some great images. Looking forward to getting your book on the Northern Beaches, what’s the damage on sending a book to the UK?

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