Sydney Landscape Photography Courses and Workshops

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Yesterday I ran my Sydney City Landscape Photography Course which was sold out almost a month prior. We had a great range of light during the day allowing us to really focus on a variety of locations, shooting methods and especially unique compositions. Sydney has so much to offer if you venture away from the conventional shots that are your typical “Tourist shots”.

This shot was taken on yesterdays course as a way to get students to see how you don’t need to show the whole subject for someone to identify what it is and to me a shot like this has far more artistic attraction than shooting the whole Opera House during the middle of the day and seeing they were also setting up for the ARIA’s at the base of it made it an even better idea.

Our day ended with a great colorful sunset over the city that we shot from the Cahill Express Way.

Further details on these courses can be found on this link.

My next course is the 16th of January 2011 and it is already half booked.

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