Terrigal Beach, Central Coast, NSW


This morning my sons early rising paid off. Looked out side and saw the potential in the sky. Headed down to one of the popular beaches on the Central Coast… Terrigal.

So standing on the beach all set up shooting, while also fending my son off from grabbing my tripod during shots and also stopping him from eating crap people have left on the beach (he is only 19 months old) I snapped this shot.

Six image stitch | lee 3 stop soft grad and lee 1 stop hard grad.

What I love most about this shot other than the colour is it’s how I would imagine the scene to look like it if it taken on slide film.

5 thoughts on “Terrigal Beach, Central Coast, NSW

  1. There’s nothing better than living far away from the beach & after a late night you wake up, have a look outside and go..nah not going to happen. Then you sleep in, wake up and log on to another local photographers blog, only to find there hasn’t been anything that good in months!!!!!!

    Nice work matt.

    I’d have to agree, very much like a 617 here

    Congrats on the AIPP as well mate, good on ya!

  2. Cheers Bryce… yea glad my son woke up when he did. Might have to put him to bed at 6pm more often so I catch these sunrises.

    Shame you missed it, but there will be plenty more I hope seeing we have had such a drought of nice light.

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