The Entrance on the B+W 10 stop ND

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This shot was taken on the evening shoot on the first day of my two day workshop I hold on the central coast where we cover both the capture and post production of images. We were shooting with 10 stop filters pulling a whole range of shutter speeds from 2 min to 12 min playing around with the ISO and Aperture. This one was around 5 min and the difference in clouds movement from 5 min to 12 min really wasnt that much to warrant the extra time sitting around. Let alone the extra noise.

As sunset approached we just decided to keep the filter on as the look was great, natural fall off was great and I think complemented the shot well.

I have just finished teaching 7 days straight so I will be posting more regularly now. Over the 7 days I almost lost my voice from all the early 3 to 4 degree mornings talking while teaching on sunrise.

12 thoughts on “The Entrance on the B+W 10 stop ND

  1. I’m assuming the foreground was taken with a much faster shutter speed than 5min or was it a particularly still day? Also it would be interesting to see how you prep for this sort of shot (maybe a Rubbing Pixels addition), as I find that even though I have a heavy solid tripod, on the beach between shots (or even during a shot – particularity at 5 min or when I’m playing with settings) the camera moves fractionally… Maybe you where on a rock…

    • Hi Anthony… it was a single image exposure with a lee 2 stop ND soft grad shot at F22 and I focused on the foreground bush. It was quite windy and I was quite surprised at the lack of movement in the bush as well.

      My tripod was also mounted on sand as well. There are a few other factors to consider that I think will make for a good in the field tutorial. I’ll add it to the “To do list” I want to get out quite a few in the field tutorials on the site so you wont have to wait long.


  2. Yea there was quite a few people around at the time. The guys I was teaching freaked out when they walked along the track in front of us but I told them not to stress. đŸ™‚

  3. Everything looks real,great, and has its “depth’ for me,but only the”clouds” doesn’t look right,it doesn’t have “3D” feeling in it.

  4. i like this shot…. sometimes static clouds can look crappy, but this long exposure made the shot more interesting to me anyways

  5. I love these colours and long exposure. These clouds are amazing due to your nd10. And you can get rid of people too đŸ™‚ Grt C.

  6. Anything that gets rid of The Public in photos can only be a Good Thing. Hell, if I could only have done that on all those weddings I did, I might not have developed all those nervous ticks I still get whenever I drive past a church on a Saturday arvo…

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